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Kiosk, your smart facial recognition app for onsite attendance

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Facial recognition 

for instant 

ID verification

When employees clock in or clock out, they'll be asked to take a photo of themselves. Kiosk then uses AI technology to auto-verify that this photo matches the employee's profile picture in Zoho People and mismatches will be flagged.

Compatible with 

any device

Setup is quick and easy with Kiosk. Connect your Zoho People account to Kiosk in your Zoho People app settings, set up your locations and their respective time zones and then you can run it on any desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Kiosk is available on both iOS and Android.

Easy data management

After employee photos are verified, their attendance data is automatically reflected in Zoho People. This makes tracking work hours and calculating overtime hassle-free. What's more, this information can then be easily exported for payroll processing.

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