D4A Cloud ERP Solutions
D4A Cloud ERP Solutions
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When you run a business, you run a lot of things simultaneously. With stakeholders, status updates, and ongoing tasks taking up mental space, it's only too easy to lose sight of your priorities. Take control—unify your data, processes, and people.

Why use Zoho instead of your ERP?
ERP software is inadequate for your logistics company:
  • It's inherently a generic solution. Any customization requires the expenditure of enormous capital and labor.
  • It requires technical consultants with a mixture of IT and logistics domain knowledge. Complicated subject matter experts are hard to find, and the cost of hiring them is high.
  • ERP software and licenses, in and of themselves, are costly.

With Zoho, you can bridge the gaps in your ERP. Quickly configure customizable applications and integrate them seamlessly.

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